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Thank you and WELCOME!

I am thrilled that you’re joining me for the Quick Start Guide to Keto course!

Awesome job for taking this step to take control of your health. I cannot wait to support you in this journey!

Please take a moment to really acknowledge yourself for investing in YOU, and for raising your hand to take the next step in creating the health and the life that you deserve.


Step 1) Check Your Inbox for Your Access Information

An email is on its way to your inbox from Digistore24 and it contains your course access data. You’ll find your username, password, and the link you’ll use to log into your course in that email, so make sure to save that email and keep it safe!


Step 2) Log into the course using the information contained in that email

Once you’ve received that email, use the information it provides to access to the course. 

If you have any trouble receiving that email or any trouble logging in to access your course at all, please reach out to us right away at so that we can help you get it sorted out! 

Also, just a heads up on how your payment will show up on your bank or credit card statement for this course: please note that the debit will be performed by 

 Again, awesome job on making the decision to take the Quick Start Guide to Keto course. I can’t wait to see you inside!